why truth hurts

Why Truth Hurts?

Hi friend, I miss you. Its been a while since I able to write here. I was soooo busy these days because of a new business, plus I have my daytime job too. Anyway, let me share a topic that might move you.

When I was in college, our literature professor ask us to write an article about ” Why truth hurts?” Mahugot na mga studyante noon 10 years ago. Our professor was still young that time, I’m thinking she might be in pain that’s why she choses that topic. But anyway I want to share this with you since I got a 1.0 score here and she says, she was enlightened because of my story. Here it goes…

Why does truth hurt?

Sometimes we tend to ignore facts and reality because knowing the truth hurts us. Knowing that you are rejected to a job hurts, knowing that you are physically ill hurts, knowing that your parents are separated hurts, knowing that your income is not enough to buy your need hurts, knowing that your girl has fallen out of love to you hurts. The one that you won’t rejects your hurts, and sometimes just seeing your payslip hurts. Even me, I cannot understand why hearing this fact has a pain in it that we need to endure. Or does truth really hurt us? Maybe it hurts because we are like rooster pretending to be doves.

One day, there was a rooster who always wanted to be a dove. He was so fascinated that dove can sour up high up in the sky. He looks at himself and said I am just like that dove, I have wings too so I think I can fly just like him.” But the ground said to him, “You are a rooster, my dear, he is a dove”. The rooster didn’t listen, “I don’t care. I hate being a rooster, I just have to do what dove is always doing and I will be like him in no time. I want to be happy too just like him” So the rooster with all his might goes up to a tree, spread his wings and jump! For a moment, he feels that he is a dove, flying. He can feel the cool breeze in his face combing his crown. He is so happy, and for the first time, he thinks that he made a good decision because he is happy. But suddenly, the gravity pulls him down. The rooster falls down and he got injured. He loses some of his feathers and got some mild fractures on his feet. But the pain doesn’t stop the rooster; He goes up to a higher branch of the tree and pretends to be a dove again. “If I go up higher, I can be a dove longer,” He said. So again, he spread his wings, and jump! He flaps and flap to stay longer up. But in a moment he became tired, the gravity pulls him down. This time, he got more serious injuries. He broke his wings and he can’t even manage to stand up. He feels so dumb and stupid acting that way.

Sometimes we are like a rooster fallen into our own delusion. We made choices that will hurt us later on. We keep on repeating things even though it gives us pain. We do things in spite of warnings.

Truth is like a gravity, it exists not to give us pain, but to remind us that we became a rooster for us not to pretend to be another person, but to be the best rooster that we can be. We are in pain because we tend to ignore the truth and choose to accept lies. We lose ourselves because we choose to live other person’s lives. We got fractures because we choose to do things that are easier than what is right. Truth never hurts, it is lies that give us pain, it is the effect of our wrong decision that we feel sadness. Truth wants us to be free; it wants us to be happy.

Five things that I learned to avoid being hurt:

1. Learn to accept and love yourself including your weaknesses and flaws; no one will do it better than you.

2. Do not copy other person’s life, choose to create your own story and create a good one.

3. Choose wise decision than what’s easy. Most of the time, easy things don’t last.

4. Be responsible for your actions. Never blame others, you always have a choice.

5. If you face challenges, have the courage to face it.

Somebody says this beautifully: “Truth is like surgery. It hurts but it cures. A lie is like a painkiller. It gives instant relief but has side effects forever.” The side effects are the erosion of character and reputation as well in many cases.
If you experiencing pain today, endure it.

If you felt broken, help yourself to heal and time will help you. If you want happiness to last long, the truth will be with you. The reward after this is always fruitful, trust God.

Thank you and I hope this will help you somehow.

Hi I’m Catherine Dizon, thank you for reading

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