What I Regret in Cebu

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog site. By the way, I’m Catherine Dizon, an account executive by profession and a writer as my passion.

I want to share with you my trip to Cebu because I have an experience that I regret so much.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not the typical blogs that you can grab sample itterinary, travel tips and must have visites and so-much-more suggestions on how will you enjoy your Cebu trip. This is far from that. I believe there are more experienced travelers who can share with you awesome traveling guides.

Cebu has so much to offer. Name it, from great scenery, hang-out cafes and clubs, historical places, astonishing falls, breezy oceans, exciting activities, mouth-watering inihaws and lechons, and the traffic. Name it, if you want to experience almost all, go to Cebu. Believe me, the place is really amazing. No wonder that more and more foreigners go here to relax.

My experience is awesome. And I can say the money, the time and the effort are all worth it. And what is my favorite part? —Canyoneering.

Canyoneering is an activity that you will be excited wants to try with nature. The water is ow so clear and the crystal blue water is selfie worth it. The water is so cold that once you dip, it feels that your body was into total cleansing with nature. They have slides, rope slides, and jump offs that will revitalize your childlike again. The experience is so thrilling yet so fun. But there is a jump off that I always regret until now.

Canyoneering offers 4 jumps off spots. There are 5ft high, 45ft high, 35 ft high, and 20 ft high. I’m really scared to jump even its only 5ft high. I know this sound ridiculous but I’m really scared that time. But because there are people who keep on pushing me to try to jump and trust, I able to act in spite that I’m scared. I’m happy that I did it. I recall how I still tremble doing the slides and swings after that. But I’m so proud of myself that I did it.

Next spot is the 45 ft and the 35ft. Now I’m stuck. I was petrified, I was overwhelmed. That was really scary. Imagine jumping at 7th-floor building, that was really scary. But there are foreigners who take the dare and they jump. Most are there doubting if they will jump or not. In the end, I didn’t do it. I was too afraid to do it. Most of the people back off and choose not to do it too. Yes, it’s looks safe but it is really scary. I feel somehow relief and convince myself that my decision is right. I even formulated excuses in my mind so It can validate my decision.

Next step is the 25 ft jump off. Our guide suggests that we can try this one since it’s not that high than the 45ft before. I was convinced that It’s safer. Even though my knees are trembling. I pushed my self that I should try even this one. I jumped. From that moment, I can feel that my heart was separated from my body for 2 or 3 seconds. Then My body was dipped in the crystal water. Yes, it’s refreshing. I really did it. I’m happy. Its scary but I try. And its worth it. Then I recall the 45ft jump. What if I face that fear? What if I try? Is the feeling will be the same? No. maybe it will be more fulfilling. That was the time I regret facing the things I am afraid of. And until now, I wished I just pushed myself, swallow my fear and trust the water. Maybe If I just did it, I won’t feel this regret.

Cebu is the best picture of what God wants us to experience. Enjoy the scenery, the view, the beach, the falls, the food, the activity. But there is God’s blessings that requires us to exert an effort. If you want to experience the best in life without regret, face your fear, jump. Your loved ones will always be there to support you, to encourage you. And like water, trust God and He will catch you.

Hi I’m Catherine Dizon, thank you for reading my post.

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