business owners missing in the Philippines

What Small and Medium Businesses are missing here in the Philippines?

Last February 2019, HooteSuite in Collaboration with We are Social released Digital 2019 Report. It examines digital trends and social media use across 230 countries and territories. And here’s what uncover in the Philippines



Filipino Internet User

If you are not in the Internet, you might be losing 71% of your Business

The Philippines has 107.3M total Population and 71% of it are internet users. Internet user’s growth by 2018 is 13% (9 Milion) faster than  PH population growth which is only 1.5% (+2M). Imagine how big is the opportunity when you are on the internet? If you want to grow in your business, go online and your target will grow 13% at most. But if you will not do it properly, you will be losing 71% of your market.

I heard some business owners who refuse to go online. They always say they do not need it and they have customers who are sustaining the business. But not knowing, they are starting to ruin their credibility and their competitors are eating them up. What do you think of a business without a website? Not innovating? Too small and they can’t afford it? Illegal? Fly-by-Night? You guess what’s comes to their mind?

facebook and messenger

Facebook Messenger became the main communication

93% of all internet users are using a mobile messenger. And number one here in the Philippines is using Facebook Messenger. No wonder that we Filipinos utilized it since we are a Facebook country. If you have a fan page or you are utilizing Facebook to your business, make sure that you can respond to messages online or your website has messenger chat integration. This would be an opportunity for you to connect to your customer 24/7.

mobile map

Almost all are relaying to Mobile Map Services

80% of Internet users are using mobile map services. If your business has multiple branches or locations, make sure that your business is into Google map. Or else you might miss customers who want to visit your shop or store.

searching in the internet

People search in the internet first before they buy

70% Purchased a product or service online (any devices). Here’s an optimized website comes to play. If your website has no relevant keyword, your website would be useless. Specially today that all businesses are competing with any search term.

mobile shopping

If you want to grow your business double digit, have an Ecommerce website

Here another fun fact. last 2018, companies with eCommerce website increase their revenue in an average of +22% and the figure would be expected to increase this 2019. If you want to increase your revenue by 22%, maybe having an eCommerce site would be a better option. 

Angry woman screaming on the phone

Be Mobile Responsive or else your customers will hate you

57% of internet users made an online purchase via a mobile device. So make sure your website has a better render on mobile. No wonder many digital marketing agencies are promoting to have a mobile responsive site. Its because, your customers will hate you if you are not. Imagine how irritable it is to zoom in or out your website to mobile screen.

using cp in toilet

Filipinos are really Internet Savvy

Filipinos are spending 10 hours and 2 minutes in an average on the internet every day. Imagine, its longer than how a person sleeps, eat, do the laundry and or go to work. I realized how Filipinos are fond of surfing in spite of Philippines’ turtle-like internet connection.

social network are for women

Women are more into Social Media than Men

For Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, females are more of these sites than males. An estimate of 70:30 ratio. So if your products cater to women, put your business in social media.

Embrace technology or you will be left behind

In summary, Filipinos now are more geared to technology. And if you resist changing, it will happen soon that you will be left behind. I remember my former boss before that she dislikes having millennial employee because how generation became so dependent on technology. Without realizing that soon, millennials would be the new leaders of the world. Technology will help you or break you if you will not use it to your advantage. If I where you, use it to grow your business.

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