TOP 10 Traits that Woman finds Attractive to Man


TOP 10 Traits that Woman finds Attractive to Man


I want to apologize that this takes me too long since I want to avoid bias judgments in this article. This needs some qualitative research as I want to show facts, not just my own perception.


I saw in my feed that some single guys are ranting how girls have their “high standards” when choosing a partner. Add to this how single ladies enjoy watching Korean Novelas making them (ehem, also me) admire those near-perfect prince charming oppas.


I am personally guilty of having standards and me even mindmap the qualities I want in a partner. It is that we believe that if a girl does not know what she wants, she might be surprised in ending up on things she doesn’t want.


In girls mind, setting up qualities is important, but of course, there are traits that are negotiable and non-negotiable. Qualities that cannot be compromised and qualities that can be omitted.


I also observed that most articles present online was geared towards single woman. Most of them were giving advice to single ladies to be attractive, be hard to get, be available, and so on and so forth.


But how about those men who want to be in a relationship as well?


Are they laying their cards right?


I heard stories about guys who rant that he seems to be a ghost to his girl peers. So I came up with this to help single guys out there as well.


I conduct an informal research on how women find men attractive. And my dear, you will be surprised that it is not always on looks. Kinikilig talaga kami kung cute talaga ang guy. But when it comes to admiration, a woman prefers a man that endures rather than boys who just taking selfies.


Yes, being “Pogi” or cute, don’t even manage to get into a Top 10 spot.


If you have this top 10 qualities, I ‘ll bet that you are half way there to win the right girl. Take note that this is not only coming from me. It’s a survey taken from godly women, women who know their worth, and women who will choose to be single rather than fall into a toxic relationship. Women that’s already happy and willing to love you deeply if you are the right one.


If you are serious to attract the right girl, please read on because these are the non-negotiable standards.

Ito ang mga qualities na kapag nakita namin, gwumapo kayo sa aming paningin…


Here it goes…

Top 10 Man's Qualities that Woman finds attractive

Top 10: Well groomed

Woman finds it attractive when a man is well groomed and smells good. It defines that a man can take care of himself and can take care others. It means that a man is willing to give an effort just for a woman to see them attractive. “Kahit hindi gwapo, basta malinis at mabango.”


Top 10 Man's Qualities that Woman finds attractive

Top 9: Resourceful and Streetwise


Woman finds a man attractive when they see a man who is resourceful. It’s a sign that he can withstand a problem and handle pressure. It shows that how creative he is when facing challenges in life.


Studies show that woman finds this trait attractive because they want a partner, not a boy who will hide under their skirts when difficulties happen.

Top 10 Man's Qualities that Woman finds attractive


Top 8: Mature


A mature guy is attractive because of these separate boys to men. And not all people have a sense of maturity, some develop it early, some develop it later, and some just died without having it. This trait is admirable because a woman prefers a man who always chooses what is right rather than a boy who do things to quenches his pride. When the tough time comes, maturity is essential.

Top 10 Man's Qualities that Woman finds attractive

Top 7: Love his family particular his parents


A woman is always on fast-forward button, they are visionaries. If he sees that a man loves his own family now, woman predicts that he will love his own family in the future as well. It translates that if a man is a good son, he will be a good father too.

Top 10 Man's Qualities that Woman finds attractive

Top 6: Gentleman


Everybody loves a gentleman. Why woman finds it very attractive? Because men with these traits are rare. Some say that chivalry now is dead, but a woman is still longing for it. Longing to be treated as a girl, not just a pal. Another thing is showing gentleness not only to girls but to anyone around him shows that a guy knows how to respect others and willing to sacrifice for a greater good.

Top 10 Man's Qualities that Woman finds attractive

Top 5: Honest and Trustworthy


In these days, with the influence of dramas having a third party affair concept, woman wants to protect themselves in a pain of disloyalty. And when awareness about this affair and betrayals enters into the woman’s brain, they tend to highlight on having a partner that they can trust. But this trait is so critical because it takes time for a woman to notice. These might be the reason why some courtship is taking up too long.

I will write an article about HOW TO SPOT TRUSTWORTHY PEOPLE next.

Top 10 Man's Qualities that Woman finds attractive

Top 4: Man with Dreams


Seeing that a man has a plan and goals appears that he is determined and want to excel. It also translates that a man is aggressive and has a never-give-up spirit.
Beware, if a guy is just a dreamer without execution, it can be a major turn-off to a woman.

Top 10 Man's Qualities that Woman finds attractive

Top 3: Responsible


There is no more attractive than a responsible man. A woman admires a person who is responsible for his own action and decision in spite of failure. Woman sees a man be a provider if he doesn’t show a sense of responsibility; he will fail to raise a family.

Top 10 Man's Qualities that Woman finds attractive

Top 2: Has a Sense of Humor


According to Fanpop and Elite Daily, women admire guys with a sense of humor because they resonate an inviting aura. When a guy has a witty side, it reflects that he is creative, can handle social situations, and observant. It also radiates them self-confidence. He might not be the smartest guy in his pack, but when he makes a woman laugh, he appears to be intelligent.

Top 10 Man's Qualities that Woman finds attractive

Top 1: God Fearing


Godly woman finds this attractive since not all guys take time to grow spiritually. They knew that men with this trait will have the right decision in life because he is guided by the universal law. A woman believes that if a guy’s principles are aligned with Christianity’s teaching, she is into a right man.


I hope this Top 10 Qualities helps you. As a final note, these qualities are attractive because alpha women are visionaries. They predict the future by seeing man ’s present state. They admire doers, not naysayers. I know that these traits are hard to earn since it needs to have a major shift in perspective. But it is worth it not only on pursuing the right girl but will greatly affect your life as well. As an old proverb saying, rare jewels are pleasing to the woman’s eyes. If you want that girl to notice you, don’t just be an ordinary stone without value, be a jewel that shines and she will recognize you. For sure.


Hi I’m Catherine Dizon, thank you for reading.

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