This is Why I Don’t Want to Fall in Love

1. I dont want to send messages without reply

2. I hate waiting whether will you call or not

3. I hate feeling jealous

4. I hate feeling the pain when we quarrel

5. I dont want to be angry when you hurt my feelings

6. I dont want to be worried when you are cold.

7. I dont want to feel that I am taken for granted.

8. I dont want to think “what if you cheat, what if you lie, what if you dont want me anymore”

9. I hate doubting every time you speak

10. I hate it when I feel that I am not trusting you.

11. I am afraid that the relationship wont work.

12. I am afraid that you will change

13. I am afraid that when I am used of your presence then you will go away.

Its risky to fall in love.

Emotion is unstable and its hard to rely on unstable things.

There is a probability of pain

But I think its not safe if I wont try in-spite of doubt.

1. I love it when I received your messages

2. I love listening to your stories

3. I love it when you listen to me

4. I love it when you correct me when I am wrong.

5. I love it when you asking for my opinion

6. I love listening to your dreams, and I am happy that you are listening to mine.

7. I love the feeling that someone is concern to me aside to my family and friends

8. I love feeling that you trust me

9. I love the feeling of how you care

10. I love seeing you happy

11. I love it when we are enjoying being together.

12. My heart melts when you sacrifice for me.

13. I love it when I always telling me “I love you”

I think its not that bad to fall in love after all.

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