This is why Facebook is Free

This is Why FACEBOOK is FREE

Have you been a victim of “Mark Zuckerberg’s” famous chain message?
Triny mo bng iforward ang chain message dahil concern ka lng sa mga friends mo at gusto mo lng inform sila?
Do you experience humiliation today because of what you have done?
Nakakagigil dba 😢😡😠😭?

Yung tipong nagmalasakit nga nga, epic fail nga lang.

My dear friends, let me explain to you why this “ Mark Zuckerberg” thing is a total hoax.

1. This issue is a trending now because Mark was interrogated recently by Congress about data privacy, and some illegal transaction going on Facebook platform. The government wants Mark to change his business model but of course, Mark does not want this to happen and insist to develop an advanced AI tools. Sumabay yung gumawa ng dubbed Video sa trend kaya boom. Naniwala ka. Ikaw kasi mabilis ka maniwala, kaya ka naloko…😢💔

2. Why Mark is so defensive about his business model? Its because the business model makes him earn a lot. Before, if you have the spices, you will be rich. Then it evolves, you are going to be rich if you have gold and gems. Now, you will be rich if you have DATA. Yes, because you are using Facebook, the company is earning a lot. It collects data from you. Your age, your address, your number, what are your likes, your dislikes, your activities. Yes, lahat ng data mo kinocollect nya. Pati pag LQ (love quarrel nyo ng BF/GF mo, alam niya. Alam din niya ang mga iniistalk mo kaya kabahan ka. “I know what you did last summer” ang peg. Akala mo ba kailangan ka kasi mahal ka? Hindi, mahal ka kasi kailangan ka niya. ☹️💔

3. How did Mark earn from this? Like television, radio and print ads, they are earning through advertisers. The sponsor ads that you are seeing on your newsfeed and messenger. The advertiser is his client and guess who is the product? YOU. your data, everyone’s data. Imaginine mo na merong bilyong biloyong data na meron siya. Sasabihin niya sa client niya, kaya kong ipromote ang products mo sa mga taong interesado sa product mo. Then dahil alam ni Facebook na recently nanood ka ng Koreandrama, at alam niya na mahilig kng magtravel by tagging your destination with recent picture, at alam niyang mahilig kang kumain, ayun tadtad ang newsfeed mo ng Viu, Netflix, at kung ano ano png travel agency and restaurants…. Diba? alam niya lahat? Kasi ginagamit ka lang niya…😭💔

4. Why Facebook is Free and Always Will be? Because YOU are the product. That the reason why Facebook is regularly updating its algorithms, AI, and interface. Kasi gusto niya lagi kang mag stay sa kanya. Kung pagbabayarin niya ang mga tao, maraming tao ang mawawala. Dun nga siya kumikita diba? If ever na gawin niya ito, there would be a window for the subscribers to switch from another Social Media platform. Iba din si Facebook e, nag eefort lagi wag ka lang mapunta sa iba…😂🤣

Sa isang banda, Facebook was able to help billions of people already. There are so many businesses that grow because of Facebook. There are issues that was solves because of Facebook. And because of Facebook we able to connect with our love ones. Imagine yung panahon dati na walang Facebook. And I guess the model is a win-win situation. But please be more responsible in using it. Protect yourself, don’t divulge anything from the internet if your concern is your privacy.

Thank you and I hope you learn something, my dear friends. Paki share nlng po if you find this helpful. Pinaghirapan ko din yan. Hehehe.

This post is originally from my Facebook page.

I am Catherine Dizon, thank you for visiting my site.

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