The Road of Loneliness

One day, a hunter and a fisherman meet. “Where are you going?” The hunter asks the fisherman. “Actually, I don’t know where will I go, I am looking for a companion, If you don’t mind, you can join me.” the fisherman replied. The hunter is fond in going to happy places, and she is alone as well, so she accepts the fisherman’s offer.

Both are glad in each other’s companion. It’s like all the happiness in the world is with them. One day, the fisherman and the hunter decided to go the land called Gamos. Gamos is known for the place where people settle for good. For couples who want to fresh new start.

As they prepare their way, the fisherman offers to bring fishes with them. To the fisherman, the ride to Gamos is too long and tough, and with breed fishes, he believes that they can make both ends. The hunter became hesitant to the idea, she doesn’t know how to breed fish, all she knew was to hunt. She is worried that he can’t help the fisherman take care of this. But because the hunter, trust his fisherman a lot, he agreed and promise to do her best to help. Before the trip, they ask friends to lend them fingerlings and promise to share some of its offspring before they reach Gamos. The hunter is known to have connections and they used it for them to have some fingerlings to start with. And the very long journey starts.

The ride is unstable. There are times that they are lucky to pass a paved road with a scenic view, but most, they need to cross stiff cliff, both holding they breathe until they get over. The journey was too long, but that’s okay for them. As long as they are together, they believe that they can overcome all obstacles. Every day, they give time to stop for the hunter to hunt for food, and the fisherman to fish for his needs. Then when they came back, the fisherman feeds their fingerlings as the hunter count how is it growing.

One day, sunny morning, while the fisherman drives their small cart, he suddenly bumps to a merchant’s cartel resulting in a drastic damaged to merchant’s property. Both are fearful and don’t know what to do. They do not have enough resources to pay for the damages as both of them struggles to meet both ends. What can this merchant be possible do to them? The fisherman offers to bring the merchant a fish every day to compensate the damage and luckily, the merchant agrees. The hunter admired how dignified his fisherman is. Because of this, their plans change. Every day, the hunter hunts for them to have a food, the fisherman fish to give to the merchant, and their breed fish offspring is to sustain their journey.

One evening, the fisherman notice that they are passing now to Kairos forest. It is known for all fishermen and according to story, there was a has a huge fish living in one of its ponds. The fisherman is too eager to catch it to compensate for his daily obligation to the merchant. He decided to enter Kairos and catch a huge fish for three (3) days. The hunter agreed to fisherman decision. For her it is right to support his companion’s dream. Three days have passed, and the hunter receives a message from the fisherman that he needs to stay for another four (4) days. The hunter waits; however, she is now worried about their fishes. Some of them are dying, some are sick, and she doesn’t know what to do. Four days are over, but no word was heard from the fisherman. Another two (3) days have passed but there is no word from the fisherman again. The hunter is so worried about what happened to the fisherman, so she decided to enter the Kairos forest herself.  She looked for marks where he is possibly is, but there are no prints left behind. At the center of the forest, finally she saws the fisherman’s rod resting in a block of wood but the fisherman was not there. One, two, three. Three ponds but no one was there. She searches for the nearby places but the fisherman is missing. The hunter is too worried that time. So she decided to jump on the pond, look down deep and seek his companion. She swims deeper and deeper, but no one is there.

As she goes up to the water, he saw the fisherman in front of him. Fisherman’s face was too red in anger. “Why do you jump in? You ruined everything! Now, I didn’t know how can I possibly catch that fish?”

The hunter, while soaking from the swim she had, apologize to fisherman and explain. “I’m sorry, I’m just too worried about you, If you want, I will do everything to help you.” The fisherman replied. “Just please stop. You have ruined everything. Leave me alone.” And the hunter left crying.

Day by day, the hunter came back to Kairos Forest to make things up with the fisherman, but the fisherman was gone. Two, three, four, fourteen days have passed but no word from him. The hunter is too devastated. What will happen now? She was left alone, on that side of the long gloomy road, waiting for the fisherman to go back. Looks like the fisherman was gone for good. What was left to the hunter is their fishes and it is dying one by one. And also their promise to their friends to share their fish offspring. She doesn’t know what to do. She keeps on hunting day and night, finds ways how she can pay what she owes to their friends and making both meets ends.

Then one night, a friend saw her. “What you are doing here alone my friend?” her friend asked. “I am waiting for my fisherman to come back” the hunter answers. “You should not wait here for too long. Continue your journey and move forward” her friend replied. “He is just disappointed. He will come back soon” The hunter answers.

Another friend saw her weeping. “What you are doing here alone my friend?” her friend asked. “I am waiting for my fisherman to come back” the hunter answers. “It’s too dark and gloomy here. I am worried that he will never come back. You should move forward” her friend replied. The hunter remains silent.

Day by the day, the hunter realized how she is alone. She is tempted to walk away, but how will she take care of those fishes when she doesn’t know how to take care of them.

Then a doctor passing by see her. “What are you doing here? It’s too sad in this place, you look pale, you deserve some sun. No one dares to stop here. When people pass this area, they move faster to run away.” The hunter was puzzled and ask.” What is this place?” The doctor replied, “This is the road of loneliness”

“Then why you are here too?” The hunter asked

The doctor said “I was once abandoned here, and now, I want to go away to this place sooner. How about you? It seems you are left here alone?”

The hunter said, “I don’t know if I was left here alone, or should I wait.”

The doctor said, “If he truly cares for you, he would not leave you to this situation, come on, we can join together as we pass this road of loneliness.”

The hunter remained silent. Figuring out what to do.

The doctor seat beside her and tell a story. “ Do you know the poem, “The Girls That Are Wanted”? The poem was about my ideal companion. My dad usually sings it when he is still alive. He teaches me how your woman should be taking care of.”

“The girls that are wanted are good girls
Good from the heart to the lips
Pure as the lily is white and pure
From its heart to its sweet leaf tips

The girls that are wanted are girls with hearts
They are wanted for mothers and wives
Wanted to cradle in loving arms
The strongest and frailest of lives.

The clever, the witty, the brilliant girl
There are few who can understand
But, oh! For the wise, loving home girls
There’s a constant, steady demand.”

The hunter smiled. “ Do this girl really exist?”

“I don’t know, maybe yes. But each of one of us has strength and weaknesses. There are no good or bad. It is that some are not good enough for a certain thing.

Let’s move forward little hunter.” The doctor said.

“I can’t doctor, there is too many baggage that were left in me. If I will join you, I will just make your journey slower. You don’t deserve the baggage I had from the past.” The hunter regrets refusing, but that was the best thing to do. The doctor is too kind to experience the pain that she had.

“Alright little hunter, I admire how brave you are. Someday, I hope your heart will recover.” Then the doctor continues his journey.

The hunter was inspired by how the doctor was moving forward even though he is alone. Now that she can’t continue his journey to Gamos, what she aims now is to pass the road of loneliness sooner. Hoping she can come back to her senses again. Comeback when she is the kind of hunter before she meets her fisherman.

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