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How to Learn Mandarin (Chinese) for FREE

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.” ‒ Roger Bacon

Are you interested to learn Mandarin like me?

I personally interested to learn the language because if you are in the business world, there is a great opportunity that is waiting for you if you know 2 or 3 languages. But learning Mandarin is so pricey for me, and I decided to search ways on how can I learn it for FREE or if not for free, just paying not that much.

If you want it FREE, here are some tips:

1. TESDA Language Skills Institutes

Just visit their website, click here to register http://tesda.gov.ph/education/. Enrollment is FREE but you have to submit necessary documents.

2. HELLO CHINESE Mobile Application

Actually there sooo many mobile application out there that you can download. But when I first enter Chinese class, my teacher recommend this app and I love it.

3. PLECO Mobile App

This is a Mandarin-English dictionary that so handy to use if you want to check word equivalent. It has pinyin and Chinese as well that you can use as a reference.


Just follow Hanbridge Mandarin on Facebook and you will learn on their daily post. They always post videos and infographics that you can use as a reference in learning Mandarin.

5. Be an English Teacher/Tutor in China

Yes, you heard it right. Chinese are also eager o learn English. They are willing to shoulder your fare, accommodation, food, and yes if you want to take a Mandarin class, they will shoulder this as well. They even gave you allowances or salary. Sometimes, parents sponsor foreigns just for their child to have an English exchange partner. I learned this thing on Facebook group that I belong. Feel free to join Chinese/English Exchange Club

6. Have a Foreign Exchange Partner

If you cant afford to go overseas and just want to learn the language in your country, there are also Chinese people who are willing to be your language exchange partner. The main platform of communication is We Chat so you need to download this one. You can join this group to search for a partner: Chinese/English Exchange Club

7. Watch Chinese Drama and Movies

Like Korean telenovelas, Chinese film is also interesting.  You can try to watch the following list and I bet that this would also be worth it of your time.

1. Love O2O – a captivating feel-good campus romance

2. Memory Lost – a thriller with the perfect blend of romance, action, and mystery.

3. Ode to Joy – friendship and romance in a big-city setting.

4. Scarlet Heart – a time-travel masterpiece that is so famous that there is a Korean remake.

5. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms – a fascinating fantasy romance that sets new couple goals.

6. The King’s Woman – a historical drama about China’s most famous king and the woman he loves.

7. Nirvana in Fire – considered the greatest martial-arts and historical romance in recent years.

8. Ice Fantasy- I personally recommend this one. This is my favorite

You can also listen to Chinese Telenovela’s theme songs so you will be familiar more of their diction and intonation.

Thank you and I hope you learn something from this. Hi, I am Catherine Dizon and thank you for reading.

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