How to know if its True Love?

What is true love? Many people might answer that true love should be unconditional. A kind of love that a person would not expect something in return. Yes, unconditional love is an ideal type of love that our Father in Heaven is giving us. But we are only humans.

Wayback in Genesis, from the very beginning, humans already had sinned. And no matter what we do, when we love, we are somehow expecting a reciprocal feeling in return. Whether it’s coming from a parent, from children, from a spouse, from a girlfriend or boyfriend, from a friend, we are expecting that they will respond to our love favorably.

Why? because we are programmed to do so. The law says, “love one another” and that’s two way.

So what happens if only one person is loving? It will form a gap that will separate each person ways.

How will we know if the kind of love we are giving is TRUE LOVE?

The answer was already demonstrated by Jesus. By dying on oneself for others.

It doesn’t mean that we need to die literally for others and make our bodies as a bulletproof vest for them.

It’s about dying on our weakness, our bad habits for the sake of people we love.

It can be a…

A father who loves will quit his vices to set a good example for his children.

A mother who loves will sacrifice her social life for her kids.

A friend who loves will give time to listen.

A laborer who loves will fight his laziness to give excellent work.

A lover will understand and forget his pride when things go wrong because he loves.

Love has many faces. I remember a saying that “ You cannot change people” and I totally agree because he changes because he chooses to.

How can he change?

If he loves.

A kind of love that’s beyond having interest. A kind of love that commits. And a love that is bound in commitment requires something more.

It’s about loving even its inconvenient. Even its not easy, even you feel not doing it. Even its hard.

Because true love is when we choose to commit.


Hi I’m Catherine Dizon, thank you for reading.

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