How to Recharge After Break-Up

How to Recharge Yourself after Break-Up?

How to Recharge Yourself after Break-Up?


How to Recharge After Break-Up


When relationship fails, our heart is longing for some kind of retribution.There is a scar in our heart that you want to be healed right away. You feel alone, unworthy, undesirable, and unattractive. There is a hole in your heart that you want to be filled right away.  And you want to fill the hole the quicker as possible to make things feel right. 

To cope up with pain, people usually fix them selves, make them look more attractive and find a new partner sooner. Why? because they want the whole world especially their exes know that he or she is already okay.

There are many reasons why men and women date and have a relationship soon after breakup. However, let me give a few reasons why you should consider taking a time out before returning to a dating scene again.


  1. All things need time to be fixed. I think this is already self-explanatory and very obvious.

Nakakita ka na ba ng sasakyang chinechange oil habang umaandar?  E sasakyang umaandar habang pinapalitan ng gulong?

Pagbagong wax ka ng kilikili, binabasa moba kaagad?

Habang nagpapatuyo kaba ng nail polish, naglalaba ka?

When your heart is being hurt and it is in confused state, taking a break is need to happen. Do not rush yourself filling that hole by jumping into relationship.


How to Recharge After Break-Up

  1. There is a danger and consequences of landing in another unhealthy relationship if you do not pause.

Like attracts like. If you are unstable, you will get unstable partner too.

 Lagi kong naririnig, “may sapak lagi ang nagiging boyfriend/girlfriend ko”. Sabi ko naman, “may sapak ka din kasi”.

And there is a good reason for that. Sometimes, you have been into unhealthy relationship for too long and you feel comfortable into it thinking that is right and normal.

And when the “right person” comes, it feels strange and you will think that it is wrong. You need time to learn new perspective.


 Things have its gestation. You need time for everything; you need patience for wonderful things. And the antidote is found within you.

Hope my step by step recharging can help you deal with break-up.


  1. Release

Iiyak mo yan Bes,nasaktan ka, normal lang ang umiyak.

You have the right to release all the tension you are feeling right now. Get out of the tears out of your system as possible.  But beware; avoid posting all your troubles in Social Media because not all of your friends there are actually your friends who genuinely care for you.


How to Recharge After Break-Up


  1. Seek Support

Hindi madali ang pinagdadaanan mo lalo na kapag nararamdaman mo na mag isa ka. Lagi mong maalala yung ginagawa nyo lagi, mga lugar na gusto nyong puntahan, at sa lahat ng bagay maalala mo siya.

You need your family and friends to lean on when though times like this happen. They will help you realize that there is still so many people who loves you.

According to UCLA researchers, even though we may feel like we don’t discover any new brilliant insights, verbalizing your feelings still does mitigate sadness and anger.  


  1. Reflect

Do not cry over spilled milk. Every experience has a lesson to learn.

Think on the things that you would do next time. Look at another perspective instead of reminiscing on all the things you have done together. Think of all the things you cannot do when you are together and do it now.

List it down because your imagination will constantly be feed when you write it down.


How to Recharge After Break-Up


  1. Be Attractive

Take care of yourself and feel attractive.

70% of people say they feel happier when they think they look good. Girls are expert to this, have a new hairstyle, try new outfit, pamper yourself. But please do not do it just for other to see you look okay. Take a look at your hygiene; take care for your body.

Do it for yourself because what you feel inside will reflect outside.


  1. Do things that will grow you as a person.


    Invest on learning’s and experience. Be the best person that you can be.

    Forgive but never forget the lesson and be wise. When you are better, God will release you to go and share your newly healed heart with another and with his blessings. 

Hi, I’m Catherine Dizon, do you like what In here?
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