Meta Quest 2’s VR Experience is Improved with D-Link’s DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge

【TAIPEI, Taiwan: September 29, 2022】

In an exclusive partnership with Meta, D-Link Corporation introduced today the highly anticipated DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge, a wireless dongle made particularly for Meta Quest 2. In order to improve and make safer VR gaming experiences, the DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge offers high-performance wireless links between Meta Quest 2 and PCs/laptops.

Let’s say goodbye to the USB VR cable and discover our fishing skills with the VR AIR BRIDGE!

While connecting Meta Quest 2 via a PC or laptop will considerably improve performance and graphic quality, most gamers are linked via the house Wi-Fi router or a specialized gaming router. Numerous household Wi-Fi router connections are susceptible to instability and are probably impacted by other Wi-Fi-enabled devices that are also connected. Gaming routers can cost a lot more, take longer to set up, and are most likely not calibrated for optimal Meta Quest 2 connectivity, according to CJ Chang, CEO of D-Link Corporation.

D-Link DWA-F18

In order to provide low-latency wireless connectivity and increased Wi-Fi effectiveness, the DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge is embedded with D-cutting-edge Link’s Wi-Fi 6 firmware and Meta’s exclusive VR algorithms. Gamers may enjoy safer, unconstrained, and totally immersive VR adventures in the Metaverse thanks to the DWA-tiny F18’s design, easy installation, and WPA3 Wi-Fi protection.

We intend to be a forerunner in Metaverse development after joining the Metaverse Standards Forum in July. This unique agreement with Meta confirms that D-Link is the best partner to integrate technology, security, and quality. It also verifies our creativity. According to CJ Chang, D-Link will keep creating user-friendly and affordable Metaverse goods and services to enhance consumer VR experiences. This is in response to expanding Metaverse trends.

North America will soon be able to purchase the DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge. Please visit for additional information.

About D-Link

D-Link is a global leader in designing and developing networking and connectivity products and total solutions for consumers, small businesses, medium to large-sized enterprises, and service providers. From relatively modest beginnings in Taiwan, the company has grown since 1987 into an award-winning global brand in 57 countries. Find out more about D-Link at

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