Don’t Look Back in Anger

This post originally came from Aires Loutsaris’ Linkedin. A story that made him realize that bad situation came to make things better.

‘My girlfriend was in a car accident, I need to go to the hospital’
‘Ok… but what about the report?’
This was the moment I came closest to SWEARING at my boss!

Years ago I had a dream job on paper except it wasn’t.

A terrible culture, sneaky manager and many late nights.

One day my girlfriend’s dad calls: ‘Lily flipped her car, her neck isn’t right’

My heart stopped.

I ran to my desk and told my manager whilst packing.

He turned to me and then SAID it:

‘Oh ok, sorry to hear… but what about the report?’

I was in SHOCK!

It took every single cell in my body to not swear at him.

My girlfriend could be paralyzed, in a coma or DYING. And yet this sad man asked me about a report.

Days later I resigned.

Without a plan b.

I worked my notice during the day. At night I took care of Lily and worked on my own sites until 4am.

3 months into this zombie life my sites had made it! My affiliate commission was double my salary.

Today, I look back and I have to thank this man. Because without his actions I wouldn’t have pushed myself.

Without him, I wouldn’t have realized what truly matters in life.

So if someone has pushed you to the edge, just remember they might end up being the spark that ignites you.

And you just might end up thanking them one day.


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