Characteristics of a Best Website Provider

Characteristics of a Best Website Provider

Characteristics of a Best Website Provider

Characteristics of a Best Website Provider

According to Brafton Research, 93% of buying motifs are based on what they searched online. And if you are not online, your business has no chance of being found. This is the reason why companies are allotting bigger budget to strengthening their online presence. But because of too many agencies available including some freelancers, claiming that they are the best option, deciding who will be the provider takes time.

Here are the factors that you need to consider in choosing a website development provider.


1. Assess first their Website. Obviously, a provider should set a standard how a good website looks like. Is there website looks good on any devices, Is the contents are regularly updated, is their design creative enough, do you find their own website unique? Do you find their website function really helps you? And so on. This is the easiest way to check if your provider is a good one.

2. Is there own website ranks? For starting website development companies, this maybe a challenge since pioneering companies already been working on their rank since they started. Check my article, Top 3 Open Source Tools to monitor your and your competitor ranking online.

3. How long are they operating? In the industry of technology, the tenure that it’s in business means that the company is creative enough to follow the fast phase flow of technology. Make sure to ask not only for proposals but also its company profile.

4. The wider services they are offering, the better. Maybe today, you only need is a website. But it is good in that your provider was offering services that you may need in the future. Why? because they likely developed a near-to-perfect formula for you to succeed online. From hosting, website development, digital marketing to developing a system that may ease your business operation.

5. Choose a company that has a support system. Ask them if after you sign the contract, who else you can communicate aside from your Account Executive. Do they have a project manager who can talk to while developing the project? What about the after sales? Most of the time, dealing with a freelancer is cheaper on the start but costly later on. Why? because you are dealing with a single individual. If your business requires you to be visible online most of the time, make sure that you are dealing with a group for your protection.

Thank you and I hope this can help you in deciding a provider for marketing online. Most of the time, the lowest price doesn’t give so much value. It’s better to have the best than suffer later on.

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