Ang Pagsakay ko sa UV Express

December, Christmas Season, the month where people are busy shopping.Panahon din na pumapasok nlng ang ibang empleyado dahil sa 13th month pay at Christmas party. Panahon kung saan kabila kabila ang trafic.

I am living in the East of Metro Manila, the Garment Capital of the Philippines, Taytay, Rizal. Where the in-demand Ortigas Extension and Floodway lies.

6:30 am, umalis ako ng bahay para makasay papuntang trabaho. My time is actually 9 am, but I have to allocate time for the traffic. Our house is located in Floodway, every day, I have the option to choose what public utility vehicle will I ride going to Ortigas. These are my three major option:

1. Bus- its comfortable, yet it’s too slow. I can have a 3 to 4-hr sleep if I have this one. But seats are sure.

2. Jeep– you will be prayerful and have an instant hair blow-dry (forget the smell of your hair after) this is relatively slow as well because of the multiple stop over but its faster than buses. The advantage is the fare is cheaper. Makakaupo ka pag chicks or senior ka. Maraming sumasakay na gentleman.

3. UV Express- comfortable, faster than jeep because they don’t have to stop often. The disadvantage is that the seats are limited. Hindi pwedeng sabit at walang gentle-gentle man dito.

UV Express, yes yun ang sasakyan ko,Why? It’s faster and comfortable. I thought to my self. “Maghihintay ako” because I think its worth the wait.

7:00 am. If ever I change my mind, I can’t choose to ride a bus anymore. Why? 2 hrs won’t be enough for me to reach our office at 9 am. So I’ll wait until a UV Express with a signboard reached my sight.

7:30 am. No presence of UV Express yet. Pero maraming jeep na ang humihinto sa tapat ko, with their own exhibition of stop and dusty grand entrance. Hinihintay na magbago isip ko na mag jeep na ako. The clock is also pressuring me to do so. Pero sinabi ko sa sarili ko, may paninindigan ako and I will stick to what I want. I tried to convince myself, ” Mabilis naman ang UV, I will get there on time”

8:00 am. I am really late. 5,10,15… I don’t know how many jeepneys have passed already. Am I beginning to think, what if I ride a jeep instead? Pero lalo akong malalate pag nag jeep ako. Sayang ang paghihintay ko kung hindi din UV Express ang sasakyan ko. So I decided to still wait. Wait until it will come.

8:10 am Finally, I can see hope through the sign board of a 14- seater van. Yes, a UV Express with a 2 available seats are coming.

Worth it ang paghihintay ko. Kasi dumating yung gusto ko. I decided to wait patiently until the available one comes. Alam kong darating at darating kahit anong mangyari

As I entered that UV Express, I can hear angels singing as I seated on it. I can imagine that passengers turn their neck to me, smiling and saying “welcome”. Then a cold air from the air conditioner touches my neck, wow it’s all worth it.

Buti na lang naghintay ako.

But I cannot escape the reality that I am going to be late at work. I am thinking, what if I had a bus instead? Am I still sleeping or I am already near? What If I had a jeep instead? Where am I now? How do I look like? I have so many what ifs, testing if I will going to regret my decision.

Ang paghihintay ko pala ay unang kalbaryo pa lang. Pangalawang kalbaryo ay yung traffic sa Fishport, Floodway. The good thing is UV Express find ways to avoid that traffic. It enters to narrow streets that I could not imagine that are actually existing. Nagkaroon ako ng pag asa. I thought I am going to be late for an hour, ngayun maybe for only 30 minutes.

I arrived at 9:34 am. Not bad, Ow yes, it still bad because I’m still late. But did I regret choosing that ride? No. because it’s what I choose to have from the start. And I am willing to wait for me to get what I decided to have. Did I regret being late? Yes, but if I choose to ride a bus or a jeep, I am still not that if I will arrive on time.

Napaisip ako. kahit anong piliin ko naman from the start, either its a bus, a jeep or van, still, I will reach the destination. The only difference will be the time and the way I will arrive. But no matter what, makakarating at makakarating ako. Results vary on the option I choose. And in every decision I made, I still need to carry its fruits. whether it is good or bad. Every option has its two sides and it has to be accepted both.

What I really regret? Yung umalis talaga ng 6:30 am. Nasa isip ko lang talaga yun. Umalis talaga ako 7:30 am na. From the start, I should realize that I was really going to be late, whether its bus, jeep or UV.

Hi my  name is Catherine Dizon, thank you for reading.

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