catherine dizon

Catherine Dizon

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting my website. The moment you came to this page means my profile really interest you. Thank you so much. Starting this blog is not that easy and it taking your time here means a lot to me.

I tried to build this site so many times, and its hard if you do not have any background. Most of the time, I fins tutorials so technical and complicated. If you do not have at least basic knowledge, you are far to go. Finally after I do attempts in making this beautiful, (at least for me) I made it. And this one helps me express myself, help my business and advance my skills in digital marketing.

Learning digital marketing is an awesome experience for me yet very challenging. Technology is always in fast pace, if I am not constantly learning, before I knew it, what I've learned became obsolete. But I never regret this path. As the industry continue to innovate, the opportunity never stops. And I love this way, even though I decide not to be in a corporate world, I can always find ways to earn money. 

One of goal is to have a life balance. Not only to find my self digging in a pile of work but managing my time to all aspects as well. I bet, you also want a balance life just as much I want to. A time for hobby, for travel, for myself, to community, to family, to friends, to the love of my life, to my pet and of course to God

To you, I hope you find my writings helpful and inspiring. Remember that all of us have season. Don't be in rush. Trust in the process and trust God's plan. Always realize that God loves you and He always thinks that the world will not be the same without you.

Hope to see you someday,